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putting people into tech

Creating Learning Platforms for Social Coding

There are not enough skilled software developers in this world that we can ask to build the web applications we want to exist. That's why we decided to show more people how fun and rewarding programming can be.

There is no lack of free learning resources on the Internet. What people need however, is orientation, a path through all the free tutorials out there. They need help in deciding what to learn and in what order. We show them one good path to knowledge and successful collaboration. We preselect and curate online resources. This means we are opinionated about technology.

Our learning environment will emphasise fun, collaboration and communication. From a very early stage on, students will have pair programming sessions with peers that have similar skill set. They will review each other's code and help improving the learning experience.

The percentage of women in the software industry is very low and less than two percent of all open-source developers are female. This tells us that there is obviously a lot of undiscovered talent in this half of humanity. With our first collaborative-learning community, we want to encourage women to seek their inner geek. Check it out at